Voters threaten to move to Italy from the USA if Romney wins

As the American Presidential election draws ever closer and the polls continue to show a neck and neck race that could go down to the wire, it appears that certain fans of President Obama are growing more and more concerned about the chances of him not being reelected and have begun to take to Twitter to announce possible actions that they will take should this occur. One of the more popular threats thrown around has been these voters intentions to move to Italy from the USA if Mitt Romney is elected (“I’m moving to Italy if Romney win; Italian men love black girls,” wrote illest ice@iamDynastyCold) and, while this has been one of the more commonly proposed landing spots it was not the only one. Others included New Zealand, Mexico, Australia and even Cuba (e.g. “If romney wins & is as horrible a he appears now… Deport me back to cuba… Ill call them myself.”).

However, a mass exodus from the US is not the only threat being bandied about. Others contained rioting and even violence. Some of the more disturbing of these messages included the following: “I Heard Mitt Romney , Tryna Take Away Food Stamps , If He Do .’IMA START A RIOT , IMA START A RIOT’” from Tommy Pickles@ThugPickles and “I want to shoot Romney in the penis. Why do we let him talk? If he wins I’m moving to New Zealand.” from Rafiki the Ukulele@lovingschneider.

While the vast majority of people have written off these countless posts that have hit the Twitter sphere as harmless threats from some frustrated voters the truth is that these are dangerous precedents being set that should have the rest of us fair minded American citizens very concerned, regardless of political leanings.

One of Americas finest characteristics is the right it gives its citizens to vote for the leader of our country in a fair and democratic way. The mindless threats being callously thrown about by these hooligans does nothing but undermine all the rights of freedom that America was founded upon and stands for. While these folks think they are doing what is right for the country, in reality they are smearing the country’s reputation and putting the notion in the minds of people around the globe that US citizens get what they want or they throw a tantrum.

This is not what America is about. This is one of the greatest countries in the world and if these people truly do intend to take matters into their own hands should things not go their way then I suggest they do indeed move to Italy, Scotland, Canada or any of the other places mentioned regardless of how the election turns out. These people do not represent the real America anyway.

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