Rainier Overseas Aids Japan Earthquake Relief Effort

Our Global Community – Donations to Japan

When you handle 5000 international moves annually it means that you have customers that are literally all over this world.

After the March 11th earthquake hit Japan we followed up with a recent client of ours who lives in the northern region of Japan to check if they were ok. Fortunately all was ok minus some structural damage to their home and damages to a few material items.

Hearing their story of the traumatic event, Rainier Overseas Movers wanted to help others in Japan that were not as fotunate. The question was how?

Sunny Suzuki and her family including their dog flew back to states a few days after the earthquake hit as they actually already had the trip planned to finalize another move Rainier was coordinating.

In a very short time Sunny Suzuki and Rainier Overseas Movers came up with an idea of shipping a 40ft steamship container full of relief supplies from Seattle to Japan.

After all, this is what we do every day for our customer’s personal effects and setting up the logistics would be simple.

With the help of our agent in Japan, Springs International, and a local Seattle moving and storage company (Hansen Brothers) we had everything in line to start receiving donations.

Sunny Suzuki setup a donation website (http://www.reachjapan.info/) and has worked tirelessly to spread the word. Contacting the local media and speaking with various companies around the local northwest community the idea is now creating a quite a buzz.

Kiro TV even did a special interview with Sunny and her family on March 31st!

If you would like to help or learn more, please visit the website for contact details – http://www.reachjapan.info/

Or contact Dave Wiviott in our Seattle office.


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