Important Information About Moving Internationally to Challenging Countries

This week’s edition focuses on international moving and countries that are still open for business despite some challenges in troubled areas.

According to *ConFlo Lines, many countries around and in the #Middle East and surrounding areas are open for business for the most part. Here’s the scoop and latest regarding some of the troubled hot-spot countries:

Since the United Nations agreement with Iran, it’s expected there will be a huge demand for oil and gas along with aerospace supplies, consumer goods, and infrastructural equipment. With increased business and volume of commercial goods, Iranian ports won’t be able to handle it all. Such routes as Djulfa or Mersin will handle much of the traffic. Flights to Tehran from cities such as Zurich, Frankfurt and Milan are all booked. Expect lots of moving in this country with 80 million people.

Foreign direct investment is still slow in the country and the government is cautious with exports but, places like Singapore, Thailand and China are trading with some eastern provinces such as Kachin and Shan.

There’s a current slump in demand for Mongolian exports (especially to China) put a stop to the rapidly expanding mining sector. This had an immediate impact on other imported goods, such as automobiles and consumer goods. Recovery won’t be seen until the second half of 2016. Otherwise the transit from port Xingang by rail to the capital is working flawlessly.

Due to the earthquake, Nepal is still trying to recover after the heavy toll on human lives and infastructure. The roads from port Kolkata to Kathmandu are still serviceable although there is a 350 km deviation due to collapsed bridges. Delays can be anticipated due to heavy lorry traffic and weight restrictions are in effect.

Middle East
There is no service to Yemeni ports and thus Iraq suffers politically and economically. Iraqi Kurdistan can be served via Turkish ports only.

Since the U.S. has re-established diplomatic ties to this country, there should be plenty of opportunities for new and developing relations within the logistics industry.

There is going to be a continuing American military presence which requires logistical support. Likewise foreign direct investment will increase and support infrastructural improvements.

Nigeria, DR of Congo, Niger, Chad and Car
The entire West African region is under political and economic pressure but both port facilities as well as rail and road connections to interior destinations are still functioning without major problems.
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