When you move, hire a professional to pack your belongings

When you decide to move, hire a professional to pack your belongings, it will save you a ton of stress and even more importantly, your time!

Packing your possessions on your own or with family assistance may save you a little pocket change but what you may not realize is you are putting your belongings at greater risk of damage during your move. Professional movers have the expertise and quality packing materials to best protect your belongings. Why add additional stress in your life and spend valuable time when you can let the pros do the packing for you!

Smart tips
Here are some important and “smart” tips when hiring a pro to pack your household goods:

Schedule a date – Call a reputable moving company and provide at least one month notice if not more (months before summer for example) before the moving truck is scheduled to arrive. A reputable company will always send out a surveyor to review and provide a quote of all the household belongings you have to move.

Be there – Your moving company should work with you to create an inventory of your goods, and it’s important that you know what is in which box before signing the inventory document. Make sure all copies are legible and all boxes are properly identified. Label valuable items to ensure you can claim their full value in case of damage. Some appliances may require servicing prior to the move, which your mover can schedule for you.

Save money, purchase containers and boxes – Buying from your mover usually saves money, and the quality is better than the cardboard boxes purchased from the grocery store. The moving company will also be able to provide an estimate of the number and types of boxes you need to buy specifically for your move.

If you decide to pack some of your items yourself, it is never too soon to start. It is important that you know, though, that most moving companies will not accept liability for any damage to items packed by the owners. Use only sturdy boxes and really strong tape. Pillows, blankets and towels can be used to provide cushion support for breakable items.

It’s important to look at all of your options when you move, but you will soon realize by hiring a moving company to pack your belongings, will save you time and provide you peace-of-mind knowing that your possessions will be moved properly and insured as well.

Safe moving!
Cesar Castro is one of the owners at Rainier Overseas Movers Inc. He can be reached at cesar@rainieros.com or you can call him 800-426-9928. Please visit their website at https://www.rainieros.com/.