Tips to writing an online review for your movers

Last week, I gave you some tips on how to thank your movers. One of the tips was to write an online review, so this week, I’m going to provide you tips on how to write an awesome online review for your movers.

One of the best things you can do is to write review so millions of people can find out how the moving company did for you, your experience and advice with praise or criticism as deserved. Writing an online review will take little of your time and will not only help people make informed decisions about their moves, but will also provide valuable feedback to your mover and or moving company.

Here are some tips in writing an effective review of your moving company:
• Write the name of your moving company correctly and provide some basic information of your move such as size of your move, relocation distances, pickup and delivery locations and special services during the move etc.
• Rate the overall performance of the move. Usually review websites provide the number of stars to grade such as one star for very poor, five stars for outstanding services.
• Tell your moving story and first impressions. Provide your overall experience and moving adventure. Were the movers polite and helpful; did movers provide a thorough in house survey; did they arrive on time; describe specific services they did such as packing, disassembly of furniture etc.; items delivered on time and in good condition; final price the same of your move as the final bill; and did they fulfill your requirements and preferences.

Lastly, summarize your overall moving experience at the end of the review by providing two to three sentences about the relocation process and if you were happy with the final results. And attach a photo if appropriate to enhance your review.

By providing these steps and tips, you will be on your way in posting pertinent information that will help other customers and the moving company as well.

Safe moving!

Thank you, movers!

Last week, I provided you tips on how to repurpose moving boxes and this week, I’m going to provide you some tips on how to thank your movers.

After you have completed your research and found an excellent and reputable mover, you’ll probably will be at a point where you want to thank them for a job well done. It’s best to make it easier on your movers to get to the items you need to move ensuring a safety moving day.

One way to thank movers and to make their job easier is to clear all pathways of any type of obstructions or debris in your household. If it’s during the winter months, it would be ideal to clear your driveway of snow and make sure all pathways are cleared for them.

Another way to thank your movers is to respect their needs such as providing bottled water, tea, coffee and other non-alcoholic beverages. Also, giving them easy access to your restroom with plenty of hand washing soap and paper towels.

Most moves take most of the day so be sure to provide lunch for them. You can easily call in for delivered pizza, pick up some burgers or have food on hand or pre-prepared meals so they have enough energy to get through the day.

If you are happy with your movers and they did an outstanding job, have “thank you” cards prepared and give one to each mover. This goes a long way in showing your appreciation for a job well done.

Tipping is not required to movers but if you believe your movers did a great job, then one of the best ways to thank your movers is to tip them. Use your best judgment on tipping especially if you have unique experiences. The best tipping formula is to tip $4 to $5 per mover or about $40 a day per mover.

Another good way is to write a review of your moving company about how well they did. We welcome online reviews for Rainier because it demonstrates that we take care of our customers.

These are just some ways how you can thank your movers for a job well done.

Safe moving!

In the military? We have some tips just for you

Moving is complicated by itself and if you are in the military, you know moving your belongings and family can be quite a challenge. A permanent change of station (PCS) is something every military family will experience eventually.

To make the move a lot smoother, here are some simple tips to keep in mind when heading overseas:
• Personal Property Office (PPO) – Once you receive your PCS, contact the PPO. You might have already done this before but no two moves are alike and they have excellent resources for you. There, you can find your basic entitlements and responsibilities among many other helpful tips. A website you will find useful is the Department of Defense site that offers a lot of basic PCS information.
• Make sure to contact your sponsor or new command once you receive your PCS. Your sponsor can help you get to know your new destination and provide you valuable information about what specific belongings to bring or not to bring. In other words, if you are moving to a country that doesn’t accommodate big-sized furniture, your sponsor will let you know so you can put some of your possessions in storage until your new PCS.
• Need to know your entitlement – Make sure you find out how much weight for your move that the government will pay for you. This is really important to ensure you stay within their budget and yours too so you avoid any extra excessive weight fees or charges.
• Papers in order – Before moving, you will need to make sure you have plenty of copies of your PCS available and stored in a safe location. Be sure to have any letters of authorizations, powers of attorney docs, appraisal of high-priced belongings, video or photo identification of your items, and pertinent insurance policies.

One final tip, always purchase movers’ insurance before you move so that your personal belongings are protected when they are shipped overseas. It will definitely give you peace-of-mind. By following these tips and thoroughly preparing before your move, you will know you did everything in your power to ensure a safe military move.

Safe moving!