Tips to writing an online review for your movers

Last week, I gave you some tips on how to thank your movers. One of the tips was to write an online review, so this week, I’m going to provide you tips on how to write an awesome online review for your movers.

One of the best things you can do is to write review so millions of people can find out how the moving company did for you, your experience and advice with praise or criticism as deserved. Writing an online review will take little of your time and will not only help people make informed decisions about their moves, but will also provide valuable feedback to your mover and or moving company.

Here are some tips in writing an effective review of your moving company:
• Write the name of your moving company correctly and provide some basic information of your move such as size of your move, relocation distances, pickup and delivery locations and special services during the move etc.
• Rate the overall performance of the move. Usually review websites provide the number of stars to grade such as one star for very poor, five stars for outstanding services.
• Tell your moving story and first impressions. Provide your overall experience and moving adventure. Were the movers polite and helpful; did movers provide a thorough in house survey; did they arrive on time; describe specific services they did such as packing, disassembly of furniture etc.; items delivered on time and in good condition; final price the same of your move as the final bill; and did they fulfill your requirements and preferences.

Lastly, summarize your overall moving experience at the end of the review by providing two to three sentences about the relocation process and if you were happy with the final results. And attach a photo if appropriate to enhance your review.

By providing these steps and tips, you will be on your way in posting pertinent information that will help other customers and the moving company as well.

Safe moving!