Tips to getting you connected when moving overseas

Last week, I discussed some of the risks to avoid when moving overseas. This week, I’m going to provide you some tips on how to stay electronically connected when moving overseas. If you are moving internationally and taking your desktop or laptop with you, you’ll want to be sure to stay connected especially if your move is work-related. There are many things to keep in mind and be aware of before you leave the U.S. so your connection to your computer with the local system is completely compatible. Many countries are not digitally connected yet like here at home.

Important tips and things to consider to ensure you are connected before heading overseas:
• Learn what the country’s voltage is and what type of built-in adapters you need to take with you. Ask if the telephone plugs are hard-wired directly into the wall or is it digital. Digital signals vary and your modem may not work. Purchase a modem and voltage adapter based on the power voltage of your new country of origin.
• To avoid having a full meltdown of your computer if for some reason a power surge occurs and you don’t have a surge protector, find out if the power or electricity is reliable and what specific power protector you should have. Trust me, this will save you a lot of headaches and preserve your desktop information if it isn’t based on the cloud.
• There are some modems that don’t run properly in certain countries. Make sure to find out what type of modem that is compatible.
• Before you move, find out what local Internet Service Provider (ISP) is best to use. Local ISPs for the most part are much cheaper than the granddaddy ones and more reliable too. In general, partake in what the locals do.
• Check to ensure you have all the correct software and programs that are compatible in your new home. In addition, there are some local software packages that makes it easier to use your programs in another country.

It’s easy to take for granted when living in the states how everyone is connected especially with smartphones and smart TVs. Digital has made things much better but not every country is up-to-par yet. Do a little research, purchase pertinent adapters and you’ll be able to stay connected before moving out of the country.

Safe moving!

Researching tips to find the best movers – part 2

In part two of my two-part series regarding researching to find the best movers, I’m going to give you tips this week about how to make sure your movers are experienced professionals.

Keep these tips in mind when you are looking into a moving company that has expert skills and professional know-how required to perform a smooth and problem-free location move whether local, state or international move:
• History in business – This is key in so many ways. If a company has been in business a long time with an excellent track record, you know they are more than legitimate and have the experience to provide you with a hassle-free move.
• Number of employees/vendors – Research to see if the company has enough employees to get the job done. In other words, do they have solid vendors and experienced professionals to do the move or do they hire seasonally with inexperienced workers who lack experience and can ruin your move.
• Valuable/specialty items – Check to see if the company has moved specialty items before such as a Jacuzzi, sauna, pool table, expensive furniture and art. Movers with this experience will do a great job of relocating these items and valuable goods.
• Specialized equipment – No matter how experienced, if your movers don’t have the proper tools and packing supplies, the move could be a disaster.

By doing a little research and making sure the moving company is licensed and highly experienced, you’ll have a quality and uneventful move without any headaches.

Safe moving!

Researching tips to find the best movers – part 1

Last week, I discussed the risks in moving by yourself or doing it on your own. This week, I’m going to provide you tips on how to research moving companies and finding the best moving company when you have decided not to DIY. Note, when looking for moving companies, they don’t have to be in your area to move your household goods. I’m located here in Seattle but I move people’s goods to all over the world by utilizing the best moving professionals out there.

There are many reputable moving companies throughout the U.S., most are solid and do a good job. However, some movers are in business that shouldn’t be in business and are incompetent.

Here are some key tips to keep in mind when researching and considering hiring a professional moving company and avoiding a sour lemon organization:
Confirm licenses – Professional movers are required to have licenses. Companies need intrastate and interstate moving licensing. If you are moving overseas, make sure they have an international moving license. You can go to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) and look up to make sure they are certified and insured.
Bonded and insured for damage – Make sure your moving company is covered by both. If the company is reliable, they will automatically provide you with basic liability protection. But the insurance coverage is limited. A great company will offer full value protection for all of your household goods so if any items are damaged or missing during transit, you will receive 100 percent of the value back.
Moving associations – Most reliable moving companies belong to a moving association or other type of organization. Why? Because membership provides credibility along with the quality of standards rules the association requires of each company in their membership. If a company holds an accreditation from a reputable association, it’s a guarantee of reliability and professionalism.
Business rating online – Positive ratings and awards are a great sign to demonstrate it’s an awesome company to hire. Here at Rainier, we pride ourselves with excellent testimonials year end and year out. Check with the BBB to make sure it’s a solid organization.
Online company profile – The Internet has made it easy now to research into a company’s profile to find out how reliable they are. Read customer reviews (we have a page dedicated to Rainier reviews) and visit websites to look for evidence of trustworthiness and competence or lack thereof.

By doing your research and homework before hiring a moving company, it will go a long way to ensure you hire a solid moving company.

Safe moving!