Tips to staying healthy when moving

Last week, I covered tips on staying connected. When you are moving, connectivity is important but more importantly is your health.
Here are some simple tips to keep healthy when moving especially overseas:
Check-up – Make sure you and every family member has a full medical check-up before departing. This needs to be done months in advance to ensure if someone has an underlying illness so it’s detected now before leaving. Include dental check-ups as well.
Copy medical records – After seeing your physician and dentist, be sure to have medical records for each family member. The records almost certainly will be required by schools and will ease the transition to a new physician.
• Wristband – It’s good to make a little wristband or medical bracelet for a family member that is allergic to certain drugs, has allergies, or any other type of health issue. If he or she is treated at a clinic or hospital for an emergency, health technicians will be aware of any health-related issues. Also, be sure to have a list of your family’s medicines and their generic names so an overseas pharmacist can provide something equivalent.
• Translate medical information – English is widely spoken in many countries, but it is important that you translate the medical information to the language of your destination. This will ensure you will be given the correct and right dosages of the medicines you or your family take.
Always prepare for the unexpected so you and your family will be fully prepared if a minor or major health concern happens when moving, especially to another country.

Safe moving!