Tips to know about moving brokers

First, let me tell you what a moving broker is. It’s someone like me, I’m the person that act as a middle-person between home movers and moving companies. I don’t do the direct moving for you but arrange the transportation of your household goods and manage the overall moving process from point A to point B.

I make sure your household goods are taken care of which is efficient and saves you the time and effort it takes to coordinate the move. Some important information and tips you should know about moving brokers:
• Ensure your moving brokers are registered with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration or FMCSA. And remember, they can only work with moving companies that are registered with the FMCSA. Just double check that they are registered with the organization.
• Double check the moving broker has a physical address and is legitimate. Beware of companies that pretend to be moving brokers and are not. As long as they are registered (FMCSA can provide you a list) and have a valid address, you should be fine.
• A respectable moving broker will also schedule an in-house survey of your household goods and will provide a moving estimate that is accurate.
• When requesting a list of legitimate moving brokers from FMCSA, also request a copy of their booklet, Your Rights and Responsibilities When You Move and Ready to Move. The information and tips provided by them is helpful, so you know your rights when moving.

Use the information and tips provided above to ensure you hire a competent and effective moving broker.

Safe moving!