Securing your home after you move

When you move to a new home whether overseas or just across the country, statistics show that a home is almost twice more likely to be burgled in the first year after a residential move than in any other. It is so important that you mitigate possible risks and take adequate precautionary measures to prevent property crime and unfortunate accidents as soon as you settle into your new home.

One of the very first things to do after moving into your new home is to take some simple and easy steps to secure your new home from burglars and intruders shortly after you have moved in. Here are some easy but vital steps to take:
1. Change all locks – You have no idea how many people have had access to your new property, so it is essential to change the locks immediately after your move. This applies to all the exterior locks in your new home – not only the front door, but also windows, garage doors, patio doors, etc. always good to remember to never leave a spare key in the mailbox or under the doormat, or at any other place commonly used for that purpose.
2. Install a security system – Installing a burglar alarm system is one of the best ways to secure your home. Not only will it immediately warn you (and inform emergency authorities) of any potential dangers, but its mere presence on the property may be enough to discourage an intruder from attempting a break-in. Make sure to install video cameras at key places around your home including the front and back doors or anywhere there is a susceptible area easily for intruders to get in. Don’t use stickers of the name of your security system, use only generic ones. Burglars are good at knowing how to get around systems vulnerabilities.
3. Secure doors and windows – Install deadbolts on all doors; install metal bars on all windows, sliding glass doors; use interior hinges, not exterior ones that intruders can easily remove the pins; secure pet doors; and avoid glass doors or glass panels that can easily be broken into.
4. Add exterior lights – A well-lit house is a much safer house than a poor lighted house. State-of-the-art home security equipment, such as motion sensor floodlight or infrared detectors that automatically turn on when someone is in the area, will effectively deter break-in attempts at night.
5. Keep outside of your home secure – Keep your fence strong and secure at all times; avoid tall shrubs around your windows and doors; don’t leave equipment outside, tools or a ladder that can be used to get into your home. You would be surprised how many homes have pertinent things burglars like to gain access to that are easily available outside of homes.
6. Get a big dog – In addition to security systems, dogs are one of the best deterrents to keep intruders out. Burglars will pass on houses that have big dogs in the home.
7. Know your area – Before you move in, do your research of the area. You can easily go to the nearest police department and find out if there is a high burglary rate in your area and any police tips they might have. A neighborhood crime watch is also an idea to create or join getting to know your neighbors at the same time.

Take these simple steps to ensure your home is safe and secure after you move.

Safe moving!