Important questions to ask an international moving company – Part 1

Last week, I provided you tips on how to find a good and reputable overseas moving company. This week, I’m going to give you tips on what important questions you should ask a potential international mover before hiring their services.

You will definitely will receive peace-of-mind when you have all of your questions answered but please, don’t ever hesitate to ask your international movers and packers about anything you don’t understand or are not sure about. As NBC says, “the more you know,” it’s obviously better.

Some questions to be sure to ask:
• How long have you been in business and provide specific experiences of moving customers overseas? – You need to confirm and know about their experiences in moving overseas.
• Are you licensed for international moves? – Obtain the company’s name and address, check with the International Association of Movers ( or FIDI ( that represents accredited international movers throughout the world. You can also check testimonials and other information at

• What services are included in the price and are there other services that cost extra? – International moving costs are based on the weight and volume of the shipped goods and the actual distance to the final destination. There are many other factors that also come into play when estimating the final price (complexity of the job, special handling or transportation requirements, specific laws and regulations in your new country, etc.). Request to have an assessor or your sales representative come to your home to get an accurate assessment and discuss the details of your overseas move.
• Are there any items that the movers won’t take? – Request your international moving company to provide you with a list of items not allowed, so that you don’t waste time and effort preparing them for shipment (and have enough time to decide what to do with them as well). It is also advisable to contact the embassy of your future country and ask about any specific items that are not allowed to be imported in the country.
• Should I pack my items myself? – Nope, your best decision when moving abroad is to have your belongings packed by the professional international mover you’ve hired for your relocation needs. Like Rainier Overseas, they will have specialized packing materials, will know how to ensure the safety of your items and how to pack them with maximum speed and efficiency, will assume liability for everything they have packed themselves, etc. only if you purchase moving insurance which I always recommend.

More about that next week in part 2.

Safe moving!