Tips on moving delicate items including TVs

Moving delicate items can be a big challenge when you are moving to a new home especially TVs such as flat screen TVs and other types of electronics.

Here are some tips to keep in mind:
• Make sure your TV is always moved in the upright position. Why? Because lying it down flat will damage it. No matter the distance traveled, vibrations from a moving van are inevitable and will crack or damage the screen.
• Shipping your TV in the right box makes all the difference to keep it safe and secure. Keep your original box if you still have it and use the Styrofoam inserts as well. If you don’t have the original packaging, have your mover or you purchase a heavy duty, corrugated cardboard box to hold your flat screen. We have plenty of these boxes if you decide to use our moving services.
• Use solid packaging moving tape to close the box. Place Styrofoam inside your moving boxes with your electronics and other items. Use bubble wrap and peanuts to go in the box as well.
• Use a sharpie or other type of marker to mark the box showing which side is up. Also, note to have it never lye down flat. This is for additional electronics.

Due to the fragility of flat screen TVs and electronic gadgets, I’d leave it to professional movers if you can. I’d also recommend purchasing insurance so you can replace your TV and electronic pods etc. if it does break in transit.

Safe moving!