Tips on thanking friends when they help you move

When your friends are carrying boxes and heavy items around and that’s no fun, so you can compensate your friends for their effort by planning something fun to do after the relocation. Here’s what I would suggest:

1. Take them out to dinner – Find a nice restaurant that they enjoy and purchase the dinner.
2. Buy tickets to a concert, play, or sports event – This is a great way in paying them back while having fun too.
3. Plan a movie night, a game night, a bike outing, a fishing trip or something similar – Fun activities can be one of the best ways to compensate your friends who helped you move.

Just choose an activity your friends love or a special event they would like to attend and enjoy it together (make sure you pay for it) – this is a great way to reward your pals for their moving help and also a chance to spend some good time with them.

4. Send a thank you note – A thank you letter or card is a classical way to show your appreciation (and one of your few viable options if you’ve moved far away from your old home and your old friends) – everyone who helped you with your move should all receive a personal thank you note from you. It should be handwritten on quality paper (or on a special thank you card) and should not include cliché phrases and empty expressions – make your thank you note personal, meaningful, and fun, so that your friends smile when they read it and feel appreciated and valued.

Follow these tips so if you have to ask your friends to move you again, they ill be more than willing to do so.

Safe moving!