Tips about packing food you are taking with you

It’s normal that you’ll want to take some of the food items with you to the new home. Sure, you can always buy new food supplies when you arrive in your new home in the new city, but there may be some local delicacies with which you won’t be willing to part that easily.

Here’s the best way to pack food when moving:
– Use small to medium-sized moving boxes to pack food supplies such as canned items, glass jars and glass bottles because they can become too heavy too quickly. For safety reasons, do not try to pack too many food items into one huge moving box.
– Avoid bad leaks and spills in the cardboard boxes by using thick resealable Ziploc bags. This packing trick is especially useful when you pack sugar, flour, spices or opened bottles of olive oil and other liquids.
– Use packing paper and then bubble wrap to wrap up any glass containers you’ve decided to move to the new home.
– Use a cooler to store the perishable items you do want to take with you, such as milk, meat, vegetables, fruits, etc. This is only a good idea if you’re moving locally and the relocation trip is scheduled to take only a few hours. For longer cross-country moves, you’re not advised to take any perishables at all.
– Label, whenever necessary, each moving box that contains any food. This will help you identify and unload those food-containing boxes with higher priority when you reach the new home.

It’s a waste to throw out good food when you are moving. Use these tips so your food will not go spoiled when moving into your new home.