Tips protecting doors when moving

Anytime damage occurs to your house, it’s not good, you get stressed out and might even cost you more than what you expected when moving. I provided you tips on how to protect your stairs, both carpet and wood but it’s just as important to protect your doors.

Moving big furniture items out of your rooms including big ticket items like refrigerators, beds etc. can easily damage doors when moving. If you use movers like Rainier, which I highly recommend, we know how to protect doors when moving out your household goods. We take care of this process to give you peace of mind.

But, if you are moving by yourself and even if you are utilizing a moving company, here’s some tips you in conjunction with your movers can do before moving your big-ticket items:
• Cover up – Use blankets and other type of covers to protect your doors from scratches, scuffs, scrapes and breakage. Professional movers know how to use door covers to prevent any damages occurring.
o In addition to blankets, you can use bubble wrap and cardboard sheets.
• Furniture blankets – This is your best bet….movers like Rainier use this type of protection for your doors.
• Pads – If you don’t use blankets or furniture blankets, tape on pads to all corners of the doors with masking tape, an easy way to avoid cracks, scrapes and other damage to them.

In the next blog, I’ll give you more door protection tips including protecting your door frames.

Safe moving!