Tips staying in touch with friends after a move

After avoiding relocation depression, you’ll want to stay close to the friends especially if you moved clear across the country or to a different country.

Fortunately, today’s technology allows us to stay in touch no matter where we are located in the world.

Here is some simple tips keeping in touch with your great friends:
• Phone – We used to have to pay a lot of money for long distance phone calls. Since practically most people own a cellphone, it’s easy to keep in touch the traditional way, set specific times of the week every week to talk to your friends.
• Letters – Yes, people still use snail mail. This is a good way to stay in touch, plus, instead of your friends finding just bills in the mail, they’ll receive a nice letter or postcard from you. Have them reciprocate and most importantly, have fun sending updated letters about the goings on in your life.
• Email – Yes, of course there is simple email and another good way to stay in touch. And the best part, it’s simple and free.
• Conference calls – Probably the best way to stay in touch. There are free teleconferencing apps such as Zoom you can use to stay in touch. If you and your friends have Apple phones, FaceTime is an awesome way to be in touch.
• Social networks – Another great way to talk to friends and family alike such as Facebook, Twitter etc. You can create your own Facebook page and invite your friends and relatives to join and post to let everyone know the latest.

Safe moving!

Tips moving autos overseas

There are some other things you need to consider before your car is revved up to be shipped overseas. As always, do your research and find out about the country or city’s public transportation system. This really varies from country-to-country and you will be able to assess how much you will need to drive your car and what kind of driving conditions you can expect.

Here are some tips to keep in mind when moving your automobiles:
• Is your automobile street legal in your new city? Remember that Japan, Britain, Australia and other countries require you to drive on the right-side of the road.
• Make sure your professional mover knows about any import tariffs. Your mover lets you know about any of these potential fees so you are not surprised by any unexpected costs.
• Drivers licenses – Most countries will allow you to drive with your existing American driver’s license but only for a specified period of time.
• Research your new country’s driving regulations and laws before your international move so you know when you need to obtain a new license.
• Purchase insurance – When you move, things can happen so make sure you buy moving insurance for your car especially if it’s a new car. This will provide you peace-of-mind if something should go wrong during the transport.

Follow these tips and ensure you hire a reputable moving company like Rainier so that your four-wheel friend is taken care of during your overseas move.

Safe moving!

Tips to staying safe when moving

Moving can be unpredictable to say the least. Anything can happen so you want to ensure you and your entire family including any pets you may have will be safe during the move. Turning your back to safety could be a costlier blunder that you could have easily avoid.

Some safety tips:
• Kids – It can be dangerous if you have young kids around when moving. Heavy household goods can be dropped so avoid any distractions too by having your kids stay at a friend’s place or relative.
• Pets – Just like your kids, you don’t want to have your pets roaming freely while your move is underway. Anything can happen, plan on taking them to friends for the day or hire a pet-sitter to take care of them during the big move.
• Clear hallways – Pick up any clutter, toys or other items that may be in the hallways. Ensure all pathways are free of dirt, water, other substances and ice outside pathways.
• Clothes – Wear the most comfortable clothes during the move, shirts and pants that stretch. Wear comfortable shoes that have good traction and consider heavy duty gloves to protect your hands.

Safe moving!