Tips about choosing an international school

For most families, no aspect of a move overseas is more important than the education of school-aged children. Most parents believe that an education abroad will be inferior to that at home. Here are some tips for you when selecting an international school for your kids:
• Research – Before you leave, do your research about what is available in your new country. Many countries with expatriate communities offer international schools that teach the same or similar to the curricula based on familiar models.
• Local schools – Some local school systems in other countries offer the same type of curricula including in their native languages. English is popular over the world so there are plenty of options.
• Lessons – If the school doesn’t offer everything your child would like or you prefer, there are teachers available that can teach specific courses outside of the school system.
• Plan ahead – Begin the process of looking for an international school right when you know you’ll be moving your family overseas. International schools sometimes have limited enrollments and or limited enrollment periods. Look into possibilities long before your move.

Safe moving!