Moving during wintertime

So, you cleaned your house, got rid of all that junk and now you are ready to move.

I would recommend (if you are flexible with moving) to move overseas during the winter months minus the holidays such as Christmas, Thanksgiving and New Year’s. Many times, people utilize the holidays to move. If you can avoid it, the worst time to move is from May to September, in essence, Memorial Day to Labor Day. Moves are based on weight, storage requirements and distance but don’t decide solely on trying to save money verses moving at a different time.

Moving during the winter is the ideal time but there are some factors to consider. Winter months are darker which cuts the moving workday shorter potentially resulting in a 2-day move instead of one. Movers usually don’t work more than 12-hour shifts.

If you are on a tight budget and haven’t planned out in a timely manner of moving, then the winter is best. Keep in mind, temperatures in some countries are cold, wet and snowy weather during the winter so there may be delays. That said, being able to schedule your move and have it done for a discount, winter it is!

Safe moving!