Tips organizing a storage unit like a pro

This week, I’m going to give you tips on how to organize a storage unit like a pro.

Storage bins, moving bins

After you move, and you still have to store some of your personal belongings, rent a self-storage facility near you and make sure it’s a climate-controlled facility. Once that is completed, follow these tips:
• Inventory – Create a list of all of your belongings. After months and years go by, it’s easy to forget what you have in your unit. Use a spreadsheet and list all your furnishings.
• Clear bins – Consider using plastic bins instead of cardboard boxes. Both are fine but clear bins make it easier to find your items.
• Frequent items – If you have items you plan on using during the year, make sure they are placed near the front door of your storage unit.
• Furniture in the back – Store large and heavy furniture items in the back of the unit. Larger and heavier items should always be on the bottom to allow for lighter items to store on top to minimize damage.
• Disassemble furniture – To maximize space, take apart large furniture items prior to putting them in storage. I’d store all items upright vertical except for beds that should be down flat. This provides you plenty of more room.

Use these simple tips to become a storage unit pro.

Safe moving!