Tips moving appliances

If you are flying by plane and want to also move your appliances overseas, I would leave that up to the moving experts. But if you do want to move them, here are some tips to keep in mind:
• Freight charges – Appliances are big-tickets items and will incur freight charges. Make sure to ask your moving company the prices of the charges.
• Voltage – Most countries have their own voltage systems. Check to see if your appliances are compatible.
• Size – Make sure to check the size of your new home because some countries have smaller spaces such as for refrigerators and other types of appliances.
• Buying – You might want to consider purchasing the appliances in your new country. Check the costs, it might be a more convenient and inexpensive way to go.
• Warrantees – Check to see if your current or new appliances have warrantees that will cover the items overseas.

Safe moving!