Overall tips when moving overseas

This week, general and overall tips when moving overseas.

An international move can be complicated but since I’m in the moving biz, I’m going to share with you some basic tips but very important tips before you make the leap overseas.

Yeah, that’s pretty basic but you’ll need work visas or permits to ensure you are working legally in your new country. It’s also helpful just to know the job market there and a basic understanding of the city you are moving to. Do your research on Google and other platforms to be informed regarding employment in your new country.

You have money coming whether for work or another way of income and you need to make sure it’s in a safe place. Contact some banks there and find out if you can set up an account before you leave. Know what type of fees they might charge and find out how safe your money is.

One of the smartest things you can do before your move is to know the tax system not only here when you are out of the country, but in your new land. It can be complicated so be sure to contact your accountant or hire a tax professional to ensure you have a plan and meet all of your tax obligations. It will avoid major headaches while leaving abroad, trust me.

Health insurance
This is another basic tip but believe it or not, many people don’t check to find out if they are covered overseas. The last thing you need is to get ill and be hospitalized and find out your insurance doesn’t cover you or your family. Check with your health care provider if you are insured or not and make any adjustments if needed so you are insured.

Safe moving!

Key mistakes to avoid when moving part 2

Last time, I wrote about some of the mistakes to avoid when moving. It’s so important to be prepared when the big moving day arrives.

Tips to avoid mistakes when moving art 2:
• Labels and more labels – Make sure to label all boxes that are going to be moved. Use a permanent black marker and label each box of the items that are in it. Movers will still move your boxes without labels but when they arrive at your new destination, you won’t know not only where the boxes should go in each room to unpack, but you won’t know any of the items when unpacking.
• Markers – Consider using color markers and label boxes that go into your new rooms. Write “kitchen” with all of your kitchen items, write “bathroom” for all of your bath items. Use different colors for each particular room.
• Color cards – Use different color of cards and place them on top of each box labeling where they should go. That way, your movers will know where to place each box in the pertinent areas of your new home.
• Safety – Household goods and money can easily be replaced, members of your family cannot. Stay safe and in my next blog will cover in detail safety tips you need to know about when moving.

Safe moving!

Key mistakes to avoid when moving

When you are making a move especially overseas, you want to avoid as much as mistakes as humanely possible. Even minor mistakes can prove costly in a residential or business move. You need to do your homework and select a reputable mover like us to move your household goods.

In previous blogs, I’ve covered mistakes you should avoid. This time, I’m going to give you specific tips to ensure a smooth moving day.

Tips to avoid mistakes when moving:
• Sleep – Yep, seems simple enough but some people stay up late the night before the big move and don’t function as well during the day. Get a good night’s sleep so you will alert and ready.
• Cellphone – Simply put, make sure your phone is fully charged for the day. Many folks forget this and then have to have their phones charging in a place not accessible where they need to be when moving. Charge your phone, you will thank me later.
• Errands – Ensure that all of your errands and tasks are completed before moving day. You won’t have time to do them once the moving process begins.
• Rooms – Before you go to bed and when you wake up early on the big day, go through all of your rooms to make sure everything is ready for your movers. This will give you a last chance to ensure your household items are good to go.
• Insurance – Always purchase moving insurance, it’s the only way to protect your household goods from any mishaps that may happen.

Supply Chain Issues Impacting the International Moving Industry

There is currently a shipping and supply chain crisis directly affecting every facet of international commerce; its impact is far-reaching enough to touch the lives of consumers and businesses around the world. Simple solutions are not available in our interconnected global economy. While significant industry efforts are underway to highlight the issues and draw attention to them, the international moving industry and its customers struggle to be heard by government regulators. – Source: International Associations of Movers 

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IAM - International Association of Movers