Mark Lawson

(425) 336-1958

Mark Lawson joined Rainier Overseas Movers in 1995, and has successfully moved thousands of families’ household goods to new homes around the world.

Mark enjoys the excitement of working with people around the globe, and learning about the geography and cultures of their countries. He also enjoys the fact that every day brings an interesting challenge and that each move brings with it new personalities and stories.

When Mark’s not working he enjoys reading, jogging and spending time with his wife and young son.

If you are planning an international move, Mark offers the following advice:
“Try to be as organized as possible. Prioritization is the name of the game. Shipping overseas can be very expensive so it is a good idea to take only the things that will help you to establish a home for yourself in your new country.

Also, when shopping online for an overseas mover, be aware that there are many online international moving scams.  Work with a company that has a history of successful moves and satisfied customers.  And  be sure to check with the consulate of the country you are moving to for updated rules and regulations.”