Important contacts to have when moving overseas

Most embassies and consulates around the world have their own websites. When you move to another country, it’s important to know the contact information and address of the embassy and consulate of the country you are moving to. They have excellent resources and can assist you if something goes wrong in your new international home.

You never know if something goes wrong for any reason when you move to a new country, so be sure to look at the websites provided below and do your own research to insure you have the appropriate contacts when and if needed.

Bookmark the following websites and contact your local consulate before moving overseas: – Washington D.C. is the “hub” for international resources, lists of directories, passport and visas guides and much more.
Governments on the Web – This is one of the most comprehensive lists of governmental institutions on the worldwide web which lists ministries, parliaments, offices, city councils, central banks, embassies, multi-governmental institutions and more. A great resource to use and know about the important local offices in your new country.
Visa information – A private company not affiliated with a government agency but provides expedited visas, passports and other vital information needed for your move overseas.
Forms and customs information – Rainier Overseas provides useful information on our own site including forms and customs information you should be aware of. Our online search tool is also really helpful.

Safe moving!