Tips to finding awesome movers

Now that you know how many movers you need to move your household goods, it’s time to find an awesome moving company. When faced with an international move and getting you and your family ready for some radical changes in your life, you want to be sure to hire a reputable international moving company.

You will need to hire a solid international mover that will ensure safety, efficiency, and compliance with established international procedures and regulations. To make sure that you will pick one of the best international moving companies to help you move overseas, here are some important tips to consider:

  1. Begin research early – The earlier you start searching for international movers, the easier it will be to find an affordable, trustworthy company that suits all your needs and requirements. Keep in mind, it will take a month or even longer to have your personal belongings arrive at your final moving destination.
  2. Recommendations – Ask your family members, relatives, friends and co-workers if they can recommend some reliable international movers – ones they have used in the past or ones they have heard good things about.
  3. Extensive experience – One of the most critical factors to consider when comparing international moving companies is the level of experience they have in dealing with international moving. To ensure a smooth moving process, the overseas mover should be familiar with the international freight laws, as well as with the specific relocation-related rules and regulations in your new country of destination.
  4. On-site estimates – Make sure to compare the rates and services provided by different international moving companies. Cheapest doesn’t mean it’s the best to use for the least price, reputation is huge here. Go by what the company will provide and never accept a moving estimate over the phone or online. Have an assessor come out to your home and provide how much it will cost to move your belongings overseas.
  5. Accreditation – Check the company’s licensing (an international moving company must be licensed by the Federal Maritime Commission, FMC, in order to operate legally in the US) and membership in reputable international associations (FIDI, IAM, etc.).

And finally, please ask and request testimonials from previous customers that have moved (we have plenty at Rainier Overseas) and check the company’s complaint history.

Safe moving!