DAWN Nonprofit

Rainier Overseas Movers Inc. employees are always honored to give back to the community and this year is no exception. Since 2015, Rainier has been involved with a nonprofit organization called DAWN, which stands for Domestic Abuse Women’s Network. The organization is run mostly by volunteers and during the holidays in November and December, they implement a program called “Adopt-a-Family” where they provide gifts and other items to survivors of domestic abuse and their family.

Rainier is proud to take part again in this unique and effective program. Spearheaded by Rainier’s Carrie Bredeson, employees were assigned a specific family to provide gifts and other much needed items so they too can look forward to the holidays this season.

DAWN is such a special nonprofit for us to support every year and we are delighted again to assist a family in need and give gifts that will make the holidays special for them,” said Rich Haas, president of Rainier Overseas Movers. “Holidays can be a stressful time for many especially those that go through trauma – this is just an awesome way to give back and ensure a family has everything they need including gifts for their children.”

Last year, DAWN sponsored more than 145 families or 450 individuals with the assistance from 60 donor groups and individuals. Rainier employees donated their time with individual shifts to ensure Adopt-a-Family family were provided specific items they requested along with unique presents.

“We are always excited every year to be assigned a family from the Adopt-a-Family program and we plan to continue to be involved with the organization and programs for years to come”, said Haas.

Rich Haas is the president and CEO at Rainier Overseas Movers Inc. He can be reached via our website  or you can call him 800-426-9928. Please visit their website at http://www.rainieros.com/.