Sent: Thursday, April 28, 2016 2:17 PM

Subject: Moving Testimonial – Relocation to the UK

From: Scott Wood
To: David Wiviott
Subject: Re: Your move to the UK – Rainier Overseas Movers, Inc.

It all went swimmingly – had to pay an additional fee for a “shuttle” service as the container truck was too large to make it to the house.  The crew was very nice, helpful, careful, and did a great job.  Nothing missing, nothing broken, so it is all a big success.
Thanks for facilitating a pretty painless move – sounds like we might have lucked out – I was told there is a 30 day backlog (or was recently) on shipments on the west coast due to the strike.
Anyway, we’re here and having a great time.
Nothing else we need to do from your end?