Sent: Friday, September 16, 2016 10:57 AM

Subject: Overseas shipping to Australia

From: Dana Campbell
To: Mark Lawson
Subject: Re: Delivery to Australia

Hi Mark,

I was going to email you today. Yes, our stuff all arrived yesterday and we thrilled to finally have real beds and feather duvets – our very poorly insulated bedroom got down to 50degrees last night!
Unfortunately not all of Australia is warm.
We have unpacked most things and seems to be no problems so far.
It was a smooth delivery and we are just slowly putting the house together.
I remember talking with you about whether it was worth it or not to ship things. Admittedly it is a very long wait, but it is nice to have familiar possessions in a new country so I am glad we shipped our things.

Thank you for all your help throughout the process – it has been very much appreciated.

Dr. Dana Campbell, PhD
Research Associate